Professional Buying Service

SAB offers our professional buying service for those who want to buy a vehicle with confidence, but without all the hassles like wasted time car shopping and frustrating at retail dealerships.  In operation for over a decade now, we have placed vehicles with clients all over the USA.  AND, to date, we do not have one unhappy customer! We are very proud of this record and have every intention of maintaining it!  So if you have a particular vehicle in mind, and would like a great buy on it without driving from dealership to dealership and spending hours in uncomfortable haggling, please give us a call!  302 448 6009 and we will be glad to furnish you with up to date information and pricing on the model that interests you.

If you decide you like this route, the process is easy.  We meet at your convenience for approximately 20-30 minutes to get down on paper a simple Buyer's Agreement including the model, specs, miles, and price of car you want to buy.  If you are too far to meet, this can be done by phone and FAX.  The agreement generally runs for 30 days, but orders are usually filled within 2 weeks.  Once we have our agreement in hand along with a good faith 5% deposit, we will locate the best available vehicle that fits your criteria.  You will see photos, a history report, and get a full, honest description of what you are buying.  No purchase will be made on your behalf without your explicit approval. 

With your approval, we will purchase the vehicle, bring it to our shop, be sure it is in "retail ready" condition, and then make an appointment for you to come and pick it up.  Once you are satisfied we have delivered exactly what's promised, we'll complete the transaction.  *There are no fees  beyond the original agreed upon price.  There's never been an easier way to buy a car! 

If for some unusual circumstance we cannot fulfill your order within 30 days, we will be glad to refund your deposit or renew the agreement, at your discretion.   In more than a decade of operating this professional buying service, we have refunded exactly one client--which goes to show we will not enter into an agreement we cannot fulfill.   We will be glad to furnish you with as many client references as you would like to put your mind at ease that SAB can be trusted to do EXACTLY what we promise. i.e. deliver the best car at the best price.  Check out our Testimonials page!

So why not get the best buy on your next vehicle without experiencing the headaches of car shopping???  It's the "smartest way to buy your next car!!"